Dead Poet Society @ Spotify

Lyrics – Dead Poet Society Hit me up anytime you wantI’m thinking like soon, I think I might slip awayI know you’ve been frustrated with himSo fuck it, just drive, don’t wanna think about life At least not today, today, todayOh God, I need a change of paceThis place, this painCome on and take me … Weiterlesen

Hot Water Music @ Spotify – Album Exister

Hot Water Music Lyrics – Exister Better run, better tell the others,Cause I don’t control it anymore.Gonna find some kind of cover,And let it burn.You live and you learn. Another time.Another place.Another time.Another place.They never change. Everybody say they’re going,Gonna shut ‚em down.They get around.Gonna come back with a story,If they return.You’re gonna get burned. … Weiterlesen


Badflower @ Spotify Ghost – Lyrics I tried it once before, but I didn’t get too farI felt a lot of pain, but it didn’t stop my heartAnd all I really wanted was someone to give a little fuckBut I waited there forever and nobody even looked up I tried it once before, and I … Weiterlesen

Hilltop Hoods – Hip Hop

Its been so long – Lyrics It’s been so long we’re glad we came beforeWe gathered fame or had a name our story hasn’t changed with accoladesWe’re still standing and we’ll be back again It’s been so longWe’re glad we came before we gathered fame or had a nameOur story hasn’t changed with accoladesWe’re still … Weiterlesen

Victor Wooten

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