Cleopatrick @ Spotify

Cleopatrick – Lyrics I′m a messShe’s all, long red hairShe′s all, purple dressAnd I’m like, she’s so sweetWhile I check to seeWhere the foot prints lead screaming Daphne pleaseBend my kneesTo be a bug beatBeneath your feet Ohhhh we′re splitting upGonna catch some crooks To tell you the truthShe′s not a lotBut she’s all the … Weiterlesen


Badflower @ Spotify Ghost – Lyrics I tried it once before, but I didn’t get too farI felt a lot of pain, but it didn’t stop my heartAnd all I really wanted was someone to give a little fuckBut I waited there forever and nobody even looked up I tried it once before, and I … Weiterlesen

CRX alternative Rock @ Spotify

Tracklists by CRX via Spotify CRX Lyrics via „Give me Lyrics App“ Ways to Fake it The way that it’s been goingI don’t want anyone to knowThe way that I’ve been thinkingI’m ashamed to let it showThe way that I’ve been spendingAnd all the money that I blowThe days are never ending, babyI discovered long … Weiterlesen

Cat Empire – Links und Ressourcen

Lyrics Adelphia von Cat Empire I was born in a kingdomWith nothing but rulesHum a little melodyWoven in liesTattooed on the skin andThen sanctifiedOh I miss those old songsComing out of worn downSpeakers, straight fireWires from a mind withNothing to hideSpit warrior of lateNight and wine Can you call it backIn each inhalation a little … Weiterlesen

Käptn Peng

Käptn Peng @ Spotify Top Tracks von Käptn Peng Expedition ins O von 2013 @ Spotify Das nullte Kapitel Die Zähmung der Hydra Das könnte auch zu Käptn Peng passen – Identitetris

Psychic Warfare – Clutch

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Psychologische Kriegsführung mit Clutch Clutch lässt es mit dem 2015er Album- Release „Psychic Warfare“ ordentlich krachen.  Ein Hammer Album mit viel Energie… Vinyl release: 15. Januar 2016 Label: Weathermaker Music (Rough Trade) Clutch – Psychic Warfare – Amazon Affiliate Link* Tracklist – Psychic Warfare – 2015 The Affidavit – 00:25 X-Ray Visions – 03:42 Firebirds – … Weiterlesen