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The Suffering – Lyrics

All our lives in fast pursuit
Smash and grab like thieves
Posterity. What will you leave behind?
Life, a humbling disease
Devoted road, the places you will go
All the people you will know
Resolve your actions and your deeds
Echo for eternity

Want for contact, need for insight
The unbearable pity for the suffering

How do you express yourself?
How do you tell the truth?
Surrounding you, the darkest points of view
In their toxic feedback loop
Devoted road, the places I’ve travelled
All of the people I have known
High roads
Full of doubt and certain of nothing
How humbling my life has been

Want connection, hunt for knowledge
The unbearable lacking for the suffering

It’s not unusual to lose hope
It’s common to become unhinged
I’m giving in, I’m giving in
Let it begin. The suffering

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